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What I offer you is a safe space to explore any issues you may be experiencing.

At times I may offer evidenced based 'tools' as a suggestion to assist from where you are now, to possibly where you would like to be? Or tips on how to better manage anxiety or depression for example.

For some weekly therapy could be classed as "organised self care" feeling a true benefit for taking time out from their busy life, to stop, reflect, receive feedback free from the mental and physical "clutter" we all gather throughout life.

I am trained across modalities (Integratively), and tailor make sessions based upon you as an individual.

My main two theoretical approaches being Person Centred - work around the relationship you have with yourself, where you are and where you wish to be and Psychodynamic - how your past can influence today, your defense mechanism and ego state(s); possibly life "scripts" (patterns that may have been subconsciously set, that no longer prove useful. I am also trained in CBT. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

To decide if we are a good fit to work together I offer a half hour free, no obligation, telephone consultation.

Our Sessions are confidential except in any instance I feel you may be at harm to yourself or another, or extreme criminal activity.

I became a Counsellor because of the profoundly positive impact it had on my own life, having had many years of therapy myself - I know it can be a little daunting to, at first, be a client.

Previously I worked in Healthcare (Operating theatres) for twenty one years, which I believe is why I am drawn to working with trauma today. I previously worked in a residential rehabilitation (addictions) unit, and beside my Private Practice volunteer for Evolve Housing and support, assisting Clients who have been or are at risk of becoming homeless and the myriad of issues they present with.

I am also proud to offer a consultancy to Honestly Canine - my great passion being dogs. This means your well behaved dog is welcome to attend both in person and walk and talk therapy sessions if you feel they will not be too distracting for you.

About Me: About Me
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