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My counsellor was good at listening. I could tell she was listening from her energy and the way that she would speak back to me.
I was able to explore my life, enter into it more, get over parts of it and see a different side to my story. Things that were repressed were brought forward.
I'm all good with life skills - I can pay bills, cook, clean. It's just the psychological side of things that get to me. I have always been resilient  but I've learnt to apply other skills in my life now and I don't hold anger anymore.
People should give counselling a go. Having someone on a weekly basis is good, it's better than no people and keeping to yourself. Everyone needs someone on their level to vent to. I didn't want it for ages and then I realised that I didn't want people's power over me and be affected by them and I needed to talk about that. Everyone has a side others don't know and no one is their authentic self; it felt good to show someone mine.

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